Power Users are a special type of humans or heavenly beings, who are participants of the battle tournament hosted by the King of the Celestial World, that possess special powers given to them by god candidates.


Transformation PowerEdit

They are given powers to turn one thing into another,showing that this ability follows, somewhat, the laws and principles of alchemy. Kobasen refered to them as A and B, A being the pre-form and B being the after-form. There are several types of transformations. Some, however, don't follow the rule of turning A into B. The exceptions are several, such as:

  • A → A+(x2) (e.g. Marilyn Carrey's Level Two; To double her attack power)
  • A → B → A → B → ... (e.g. Ueki's power to turn garbage into trees and trees into garbage)


Power Users are granted with a base number of Talents (在, Zai), which act as "enhancers" of their natural capabilities. There are several talents and each power user has more than one. They not only enhance their natural talents, as they can also increase the probability of successfully performing a certain thing, such as the Talent of Lying, which makes the lies said by someone more credible, for as absurd as they are.

There are although, disadvantages in these: the first one being the fact that one can lose their talents if they attack a non-power user. One curious thing is that, as revealed, power users, after losing a talent, seem to have a perfomance of said action below the average, as Ueki turned into a horrible student after losing the Talent of Study. The other disadvantage is that, if a power user loses all their talents, they will vanish.

The Talent of BlankEdit

The Talent of Blank is said to give any talent the user wishes for. During the ending theme song, it is seen hanging outside Ueki's bag. The talent he chose was the "Talent of Reunion", which reunited him with Kobayashi.

God Candidates-only RulesEdit

For God Candidates, who are also power users, if they interfere in any way in a fight between two contestants of the tournament, they will be sent to Hell permenantly. They can also be sent to Hell if they grant powers to more than one person. The only way revealed to free someone from Hell was throughout the Talent of Blank, which turned into the Talent of Reunion, used by Ueki to reunite him with Kobayashi.